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Wednesday Rambles: Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the crisp weather, I love sweaters, and it's probably the time of year I am most outdoorsy.

So, since autumn officially started a week ago, here are some of my favourite things:

Candles ~ I LOVE the autumn scents that come out. My particular favourites that I re-purchase every year are Bath & Bodyworks' "Autumn" and "Leaves."

Walking/hiking ~ I basically don't go for walks, and especially not hikes, all summer. Heat and I are on bad terms. However, once the cooler weather starts, I tend to go for walks everyday, and hikes when I can.

Pumpkin ~ Why is this such a thing now?? I hate dislike pumpkin spice lattes, but pumpkin baked goods? Delicious, how come it now feels wrong to have them any other time of year? (I do anyway, but it's less common to see items for sale other times of the year.) We need to move past this.

Foliage ~ Everything is so beautiful, isn't it? This is my first year living in a plac…

Book Haul

Book shopping is the best shopping, isn't it?

The Driver's Clothes Lie Empty ~ Vendela Vida
A woman travels to Casablanca and is robbed of all her money and ID. Knowing that she won't get her possessions back, she feels liberated by her new freedom to be anyone she chooses. She becomes a stand-in for a famous actress and finds herself inhabiting the actress's skin off-set too. 
I picked this one up because of the cover and was instantly hooked by the inside flap. I've summed it up quickly here.

Where'd You Go Bernadette? ~ Maria Semple
Told through 15-year-old Bee, this story is of her trying to find her bother after her disappearance. Along the way Bee learns more than she ever knew about her mother, including the secret past that Bernadette has been hiding for decades.
This is one of those books I constantly see, pick up, and leave without. After reading about it in a Buzzfeed list, I decided to actually get it this time when I picked it up.

The Murder at the Vicara…

Friday Fashion: OotD & Modcloth's Style Surprise

On Weds. I received the dress and apparel item from respective categories of Modcloth's Style Surprise. Last time, I got a gorgeous dress and a  cool pair of boots. So, I was feeling optimistic as I added the items to my cart this time.

For those who aren't as obsessed with Modcloth as I am, the Style Surprise is set up by category, and you choose your size to receive a surprise item at a discounted price. This time it was $20 for dresses, and $15 for apparel.

The top I got through the apparel option is awesome. It's not a colour I would normally choose, but I find myself liking it. It's loose, light, and soft, but does need a cami underneath. On Thurs. I wore it with a pair of distressed jean shorts from Target, my Bonlook Skunkboy glasses, a Kate Spade bag, and a pair of black flats from Modcloth (not pictured).

The dress was a disappointment, it's cheaply made and almost completely see-through. A quick search of the brand led to the discovery that Nordstrom Rack…

Books: Go Set a Watchman

I was hesitant to read the new Harper Lee book due to the controversy around its publication, but after receiving it as a gift, my curiosity won out.

*Potential SPOILERS ahead*

First off, I did reread "To Kill a Mockingbird" prior to reading "Go Set a Watchman." I originally read "To Kill a Mockingbird" in grade eight and couldn't remember specific details, just the feeling of loving it. I do still like it now, as an adult.

First off, I actually appreciated and liked the way Atticus is portrayed in "Go Set a Watchman." Rather than viewing it as a childhood saviour being torn down, I thought this book humanized him. In rereading "To Kill a Mockingbird," I found Atticus almost too perfect. He felt more like a character than a human. Perhaps it was Scout's childhood adoration that gives the impression, perhaps it's that he never seems to portray anything apart from calm and good.

Despite reading in several articles that he tur…

Handbag confidential 01: Elie Tahari

I LOVE handbags, I am a firm believer that a good handbag instantly upgrades most outfits. Handbags are the only area in my wardrobe I save up and "splurge" on. As such, each bag has a story to its purchase that I remember whenever I wear it. I remember reading Hey Claire's Closet Confidential posts and loving the idea. So, I'm going to take inspiration from it and do the same with my handbags. 

First up is my Elie Tahari bag. I've had this one for four years now. I was first introduced to the designer when Elle Magazine took my dad and I to, and backstage, his fashion week show in February of 2011. After browsing around his website, and snooping in Lord & Taylor, I fell in love with this bag. I decided to ask my dad to split the cost with me for my birthday that April.

Initially I rarely used it. I was terrified of staining or damaging the leather in anyway. It is the softest leather I've ever felt, and the colour makes it a prime target for any number …

Kittens, books, & life lately

- Mochi and Pekoe continue to be absolutely adorable and sweet, but my gosh, have they grown. Both were just over two pounds when I got them and are now close to seven. Pekoe in particular, he now has giant paws and quite a big noggin. Mochi remains my delicate little lady.

- August was a great reading month for me, and I somehow managed to read 13 books (one is not pictured. The Selection series takes the spot of hardest to put down. However, the one I most enjoyed was probably "Saint Anything" by Sarah Dessen. In an effort to save money, I've been re-reading quite a bit recently. It seems I'm going to run out of books to do that with soon. My Dad gave me "To Kill a Mocking Bird," which I haven't read since grade eight, and "Go Set a Watchman," which I'm halfway through and will most likely post about on Monday. 

- Planning seems to have become trendy recently, and I'm loving it. I've always been a big paper planner fan, using one …