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Random sweet treats from cafes in Seoul

If you have a sweet tooth and come to Korea, you must go to cafes. I've been told by my friends that even the coffee here is sweeter than back in the US. I can't say for sure since I don't drink coffee. The fact that milk tea is available is enough to make me happy. I've also developed a new love of green or black tea lattes. Also many cafes offer some delicious cakes. My friends and I typically order a slice to share. They give you enough forks to do so ^. ~

Cafes are excellent places to sit and chat with friends or go to study at. We go to one almost everyday for something sweet, or a study session, or just to relax for a while.

I'm going to do more cafe posts after midterms end that will include photos of the cafes themselves, but for now here's some cute food shots. All of the cafes these are from are within walking distance of 건대 ^^

Cherry Blossoms at Seoul Children's Grand Park

Yesterday my friends and I walked to the Seoul Children's Grand Park (서울 어린이대공원) to look at the cherry blossoms there. The weather was so gorgeous and the place was packed! It was the perfect Sunday outing, so it makes sense. Flowering trees, especially cherry blossoms, are my absolute favourite thing. I've been forgetful on taking photos, but 건대 campus has been so gorgeous recently with all the flowers blooming.

Finally spring is here, but it's funny to think back to when I arrived. The lake on campus was frozen. It was SO cold those first couple weeks. It's much nicer now, I have to go back to 뚝섬 soon, I was literally numb it was so cold the last time I went.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos ^^