Handbag confidential 01: Elie Tahari

I LOVE handbags, I am a firm believer that a good handbag instantly upgrades most outfits. Handbags are the only area in my wardrobe I save up and "splurge" on. As such, each bag has a story to its purchase that I remember whenever I wear it. I remember reading Hey Claire's Closet Confidential posts and loving the idea. So, I'm going to take inspiration from it and do the same with my handbags. 

The bag, and my outfit with it today
First up is my Elie Tahari bag. I've had this one for four years now. I was first introduced to the designer when Elle Magazine took my dad and I to, and backstage, his fashion week show in February of 2011. After browsing around his website, and snooping in Lord & Taylor, I fell in love with this bag. I decided to ask my dad to split the cost with me for my birthday that April.

Initially I rarely used it. I was terrified of staining or damaging the leather in anyway. It is the softest leather I've ever felt, and the colour makes it a prime target for any number of disasters. That said, after it did get its first stain, I was oddly relieved and started using it regularly.

It's now my favourite bag for a more relaxed look and has become a go-to for me. It holds a ton and matches everything, and it hasn't gained anymore damage since that first stain. So, clearly it's sturdier than I gave it credit for.


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