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Graduated. Moved.

I am done with university. That is crazy.

The last two years of uni were whirlwinds, especially this last semester. Although I do count studying abroad as one of the most awesome parts, there was so much more than that to make my last year amazing. I took great classes with professors I hold a ton of respect for, and I was a reporter/editor for the school paper. I was so hesitant and nervous going in, I never could have imagined I would end up holding two editorial positions, or that I would love it as much as I did. It changed the way I looked and felt about school, for good and bad.

I went to a 90 percent (or something like that) commuter school, which makes it hard to have that sense of 'belonging.' We actually ran opinion pieces on the lack of community at the school. As a part of the paper staff, I was lucky to have a place I could go and an amazing group of people. I'll miss it to be honest!

I am now onto the next chapter and am living in TX for the summer with my fa…