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Getting my student visa!

This past week I was finally able to go into NYC in order to obtain my visa for South Korea. I found certain parts of the process a bit confusing, but in the end it all came together. I now have my visa and am all set to leave! (Except I don't for another 24 days...). If you are studying abroad in South Korea from the United States you are required to get a D-2 student visa if you will be there for more than 90 days.

Lunch at Sugar Mommy Cupcakes in Denville, NJ

If you go back to my 10 Random Questions post, you’ll see that I listed cupcakes as my favourite food. In that post I mentioned that I hoped to do a post on my favourite cupcake place Sugar Mommy Cupcakes. Well, this is that post! With the start of the year Sugar Mommy has expanded to add café food available for lunch. My friends and I decided to go today for the first time and lunch was equally as good as the cupcakes. I later saw on Facebook that Sugar Mommy had a record breaking lunch, so congratulations to them!  Read more for delicious cupcakes, cute decor and yummy lunch! <3

Travel articles on South Korea and China

Conde Nast Traveler posted a few links to articles on travel news today and a couple caught my attention. One relating to South Korea and the other to China.

According to Travel Daily News tourism is expected to reach 11.1 million for 2012 in Korea. The highest numbers coming from China and Japan, but the number of visitors from outside of the continent has risen too.

Of course, PSY was mentioned as a component and his song/video probably are. However, K-pop in general has been growing in Asia. Super Junior M and EXO-M were specifically created to cater to the Chinese audience and way too many groups to list promote in Japan. It's hard to ignore the effect of Korean entertainment when it comes to travel rates, in every tourism article I've read regarding this topic K-pop or dramas make an appearance.

The article on Beijing and Shanghai visas was an interesting read too. 72 hours (three days) seems like a short amount of time as a maximum before needing a visa, still I think it…