Kittens, books, & life lately

- Mochi and Pekoe continue to be absolutely adorable and sweet, but my gosh, have they grown. Both were just over two pounds when I got them and are now close to seven. Pekoe in particular, he now has giant paws and quite a big noggin. Mochi remains my delicate little lady.

- August was a great reading month for me, and I somehow managed to read 13 books (one is not pictured. The Selection series takes the spot of hardest to put down. However, the one I most enjoyed was probably "Saint Anything" by Sarah Dessen. In an effort to save money, I've been re-reading quite a bit recently. It seems I'm going to run out of books to do that with soon. My Dad gave me "To Kill a Mocking Bird," which I haven't read since grade eight, and "Go Set a Watchman," which I'm halfway through and will most likely post about on Monday. 

All up for adoption! My pal Dafney sitting on my lap (left) 
- Planning seems to have become trendy recently, and I'm loving it. I've always been a big paper planner fan, using one consistently since middle school. Maybe I'll share some of my spreads on here. I purchased one from Plum Paper back in June. It's the first I've ever had with a vertical layout, and I am loving it! 

- I've been volunteering once a week at Austin Pets Alive!, where I adopted my munchkins from. If you are in the Austin area and are looking for a kitten or cat, definitely consider adopting from them. There are so many sweeties in there. Dafney, a 4-month-old tabby manx, is probably my favourite kitten there, and I always make time to hang out with her in the play room. 


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