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Back in Korea, allive and well

It's been almost a month since I arrived in Korea and started working. I had the most insane first week. Looking back on it I can laugh, but at the time I cried.

Long story short, the school was put into a difficult situation when a teacher left suddenly. The result was that I had to start the morning after 24 hours worth of straight travel (during which I only had about two hours worth of broken sleep). The level of pure exhaustion was unreal. In some ways it might have been good, I was numb from lack of sleep and jet lag. I couldn't feel nervous, or anything else, really. The third day in this state was the worst, and I cried at work. Not my ideal situation.

Luckily, my co-workers, foreign and Korean, are all awesome people. They helped me so much more than I can express. My director is very nice, too. She even had a cleaning service come to the apartment (that's for another day). So, despite the rocky start, I never doubted that this is a hagwon that treats its teachers…