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Let's catch up

I've always done better when I have a schedule, it keeps me organized and productive. So, naturally I've decided to apply that to writing/blogging, too. I'm always optimistic, which means I'm thinking this will work.

Anyway, I've been absent from here quite a bit over the past few months. I actually had photos and posts I meant to write, but are now untimely. So, instead here's a brief look at some random moments.

1. My brother came to visit for Christmas and the week after, which I had off. We went to Lotte World to walk around one day. It was my first time going, it's what it is. Not Disney World, but fun.

2. Tree at AK Plaza in Seohyun. I love Christmas decorations, and this one was gorgeous.

3. I went to the Lantern Festival at Cheongyecheon. It was a fail trip, but a fun one.

4. Some of my kids were sweet enough to give me goodies on Pepero Day.

5,6. I went to see the Rubber Duck Project when it came to Seoul at Jamsil.

7. I made my first Jack-o-Lant…

Happy New Year, it's 2015!

새해 복 많이 받으세요~  2014 was another amazing year, and 2015 has quite a bit to live up to. I don't have such clear-cut exciting plans as I did in years previous, but I still think there is potential for 2015 to be just as amazing.

In 2014 I...

...graduated from university, with honours! My last semester was so much better than I ever could have imagined.

...moved out New Jersey, possibly permanently. I spent most of my life in NJ, but with no family, or school, it seems unlikely I will live there again anytime soon.

...moved to Korea and started working! I also am loving both, for the most part. Those kids can bee annoying at times ;)

In 2015 I...

...will continue to live in Korea and work as a teacher, haha. more. I seriously miss it and feel out-of-practice, which I don't like.

... ...

Like I said, I don't have specific plans, so I'll keep it open-ended for now.