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걸스데이 - 나를 잊지마요 / Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me

Girl’s Day released the MV for 나를 잊지마요 Don’t Forget Me on Oct 25 as their second comeback of the year and first as a four member group. This video is significantly less crazy than their last, but just as cute.
The song and video are based around the story of a first love in school and stars member Hyeri as the lead.

An ugly American abroad?

While looking around various travel blogs last week I came across a post on the Huffington Post titled, "7 Signs You're an Ugly American". Naturally, I had to click. Some points I understand or even agree with, others baffle me a bit.  

The 'Ugly American' stereotype, for those unaware, refers to the terrible attitude of all Americans abroad. Ethnocentrism being one of the most prominent. The general idea is that the "Ugly American" seems to expect the country they visit to be the same as the USA or accommodate their home lifestyle.

According to the article the 7 signs are:
AttireEnglish onlyComplaining about portionsDemanding to know the price in dollarsExcessive patriotismTrying to recreate America abroadOver packing I'm only going to touch on a couple of them for today.

Three Kpop MVs Featuring Seoul

In my excitement of going to Seoul in the Spring I find myself searching for just about any and everything to do with the city. If there's one common trend with Kpop videos it's the oddly lit rooms that everyone seems to live in. However, that's not always the case. Here are three of my favourite videos filmed outside in Seoul...

서울 Seoul - 소녀시대 Girls' Generation & 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior
The first one is perhaps rather obvious, but it's also one of my all time favourite Kpop videos. Overall, it's an adorable video with little love lines between the various members of Girls' Generation and Super Junior. Since the song was made to promote Seoul it features numerous famous sites in the city. This is one of those videos that as you watch it you can't help, but want to be there yourself. Which was probably the intent... The song itself is catchy and sweet, just my style!

지감 Intuition - CNBLUE
This video is probably less obvious, but nonetheless makes this lis…