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My top 10 Kpop songs from 2013

I was curious to see which songs from this year I listened to most often and, according to my iPod, these were my top ten.
Henry – Trap
I am not at all surprised to see this is my most-listened to song. This song holds a lot of memories for me. The moment I heard he was releasing an album, I swore I would get it before I left Seoul. I bought the album the night before I left Korea, and I continuously replayed the MV on my laptop in my dorm room before that. His solo song from SJ-M’s “Perfection” album has been a long time favourite.

Looking back at 2013

Last year I did a quick round up of some exciting moments from 2012, and reading them now is quite fun. So, here are five from this year. ^^

1. I finally studied abroad in Seoul! And it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much during the months I was there, tried new foods, new experiences and met amazing friends, whom I still miss tons. 

2. Academically, the semesters of this year were opposites. In the spring, I waffled through the easiest one of my college career. In the fall, I had my hardest, with six challenging courses that kept me extremely busy. However, my confidence in my work expanded a great deal this fall, which is why this is here.

3. I won an award for feature writing from the New Jersey Press Association for two of my articles. I didn’t even know I was entered in the contest until my professor emailed me to say I’d won. Very exciting! 

4. I was also the features editor for my campus newspaper this fall. It was my first time in such a position, and I h…

제주 Jeju Excursion: Seopjikoji (섭지코지)

It’s hard to believe over a month has passed since the last time I posted the last one on our Jeju excursion, which was to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (성산 일출봉). 

The second stop on day two was to Seopjikoji (섭지코지). This was one of my favourite spots of the ones we went to in Jeju; it’s very pretty there. Also I was told this was one the filming locations for the drama “Winter Sonata” (I actually haven’t watched it; it seemed a bit too dramatic for my taste…).

Studying abroad and classes at Konkuk

The top set of questions I am asked about studying abroad are related to classes, so this is a write up on my experiences as a student at Konkuk from an academic standpoint compared to my home university. I hope it helps! 

I should preface this by saying that classes were a slight disappointment in studying abroad, but I didn’t place high priority on academics. My priorities in studying abroad were to travel and experience a new culture, etc. I also couldn’t take any classes in my major, because the credits could not be transferred back to my home school.

Beauty haul: Skinfood, Etude House, Nature Republic

This is a collective haul, and mini reviews, from the past couple months. I was running out of my Etude House BB Cream and needed a replacement, which I did get, along with a few other items. ^^

Dramas: Heirs, Reply 1994, Prime Minister & I, You Who Came From the Stars

With the semester over, I finally have time again for me. I caught the flu during finals week, which was an interesting experience. I’m not so sure on how those grades will turn out. There is one nice thing about being sick though; no one says a thing if you stay holed up in bed watching dramatic television. 


Christmas daytrip in NYC

As I mentioned yesterday, I went into NYC on Sunday for some Christmas-related fun. I forgot how completely packed it is this time of year. I haven’t been in years, and now I think I remember why. With the freakishly warm weather, it was a pretty good day to walk around! I snapped a few photos here and there of some Christmas-related decorations I saw. Normally these photo posts are of my time in Korea, but I wasn't there at Christmas and, since this post is going up Christmas day, I thought these more befitting.

Happy Christmas!!! (OotD)

I have a soft spot for Onew. He’s always been one of my favourite idols, despite SHINee not being a bias group. 
This is sort of a continuation of yesterday’s post on SHINee’s “Colorful” music video. I figured I would share my own outfit inspired by the video. 

Kpop Style: SHINee (샤이니) - Colorful

For today’s Kpop post I decided to do something a little different. I had fun putting together the outfits for the style post I did on Master’s Sun and thought why not? 

So, today’s post is an outfit inspired by SHINee’s “Colorful” MV. The video is mostly behind-the-scenes shots of them this year, but in between those are shots of them wearing cute, casual and colourful outfits. I actually love this video; it’s just so adorable. 

Hello! It's been a while, eh?

It's been (almost) a month since I last had time to write here, unbelievable! I've missed writing and putting together photos for here... Unfortunately, I still don't have time. However, next week I should. My semester, as of right now, officially ends on the 19th. Having just finished the largest assignments, I thought I would take a moment to write a quick post before diving into my next paper. All I have left are two group presentations, three papers, one quiz and two exams. I'm at the half-way point, which means this no longer seems like a lot of work to me. ^^;

Oh! I've also changed the layout a bit to be a bit more winter-y-ish. I'm not sure why I feel it channels winter, or then again perhaps I do. I know the photograph was taken in February and I was freezing at the time lol.

Anyway, to everyone studying for finals or pulling all-nighters for a paper, I feel your pain. Here's a sample of my background music for those exact activities. I've been lo…