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Books: The Night Garden

There were two reasons I decided to give The Night Gardenby Lisa Van Allen a try. The first was that it was on sale for cheap on the nook, and the second was that it was recommended for fans of Sarah Addison Allen's books. I am a HUGE fan of Addison Allen's books. They always leave me feeling happy whenever I read them. 

First off there are similarities, both books deal with women who seem to have a magic gift with plants. I do think that Van Allen's character had a slightly darker storyline and parts definitely reminded me strongly of Sleeping Beauty.

That said, this book didn't capture me the same way that Addison Allen's do. It fell flat, and I could predict the outcome. The Night Garden's descriptions lacked the prose of Addison Allen's books. I didn't feel like I'd entered this different viewpoint of a place in The Night Garden.

That said, I did enjoy it as a quick, easy read. If you are looking for garden-magic, fairytale-like story, I high…