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Books: Finding Audrey

The gist of Sophie Kinsella's Finding Audrey is that a traumatic event happened to the main character, Audrey, shortly before the story takes place. When we meet Audrey she doesn't leave home apart from doctor's appointments. She wears dark sunglasses at all times, finding it hard to look people in the eye. It's not until she meets Linus, a friend of her brother, that she finds someone she can talk about her fears to.

Rating: 3/5

*Potential spoilers ahead* 

Kinsella conveyed Audrey's emotions quite well in the early parts of the book. The frustration at not getting better quickly, the exhaustion of always being on edge, and how hard seemingly simple interactions can be. By having Audrey refer to her anxiety as the lizard part of the brain, she accurately portrayed how out of control it feels.

In the beginning we are shown Audrey's family and given a good sense of their relationships through Audrey's narrative. Her mother comes across as a bit neurotic,…

Bundang Blossoms

Although I lived and worked in the Bundang area of Seongnam, I spent relatively little time there on the weekends. Generally I made the trek into Seoul for at least half the weekend. In my last month one of my friends convinced me to go visit a park a couple stops away in Seohyun. It didn't disappoint! The weather was really cloudy, but the rain held and we were able to chill.

This last photo is from a different, equally cloudy, day. It's actually the view from my apartment window.