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My February and March in books

When I last did this post, for January, I had read eight books for the month. However, February and March marked going back to school and not having as much time to read. I also read a couple of significantly longer books than I did in January. s! As I did with the last post, I've included the scores I gave them on Goodreads ^^

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - I read the first two books in the series way back when I was in high school. I remembered them well enough to read the third without going back, and I knew I had liked them. I liked the book, it was entertaining, but far from being a favourite or one I would re-read. (3/5)Looking for Alaska by John Green - I really enjoyed TFIOS, but this book bored me a bit. I felt like I was just trying to get through it. Could be that I am reading it at the wrong age, or that I didn't relate to the characters as much. It is choc-full of teen angst, and I seriously think I might have enjoyed it more when I was a teen. (2/5)Under the Never…

Lip crayons, a make-up must

Crayons? Markers? Jumbo lip pencils? Regardless of what you call them, they are a staple in my make-up routine. I am pretty simple in my daily makeup. In addition to base makeup, I usually go for a natural eye, an orange lip and a little blush. Sometimes I switch up the lip colour, but most days it is a shade of orange.

L-R: CoverGirl: Ballet Twist. Revlon: Demure, Sweetheart, Rendezvous, Mischievous
I love the lip crayons because they are so easy and long wearing, Revlon's are probably my absolute favourite. I have tried the Clinique and tarte ones, but in the end these are the ones I constantly reach for.

1. CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm210 Ballet Twist
A pretty, sheer pink. It adds a hint of shine and to the lips. I like it on days when I want a my-lips-but-better look. As the name states, it is more of a balm and therefore is not particularly long-wearing. However, it feels nice on the lips, not at all drying.

2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain040 Rendezvous

Signs of spring, and spontaneity

Last week we experienced the first signs of spring. It always starts the same way here in NJ, you get a couple of nice days surrounded by frigid ones. However, those two or three days are all that's needed to give a little hope that we will exit the days of 20-something degree weather.

A friend and I decided that nice weather meant we should be outside. Initially we planned a trip to a local park, but it was closed. Being the determined type, we decided to drive and chat until we could come up with an alternative plan. That alternative was going out to a trail on the NJ-PA border of the Delaware River.

This was not our intention, and it showed. Neither of us was dressed to go hiking, and we were both wearing full make-up. The path was either still slick ice, or mud. So, we pretty much walked a little, sat down on a fallen tree to chat and just enjoy being outside.

If there's one thing I've learned over the past couple years, it's that spontaneity can sometimes lead to …

Where did February go?

I find February to be a funny month, it either feels extremely long (like last year) or extremely short (this year). I'm finding it hard to believe that it's already the second week of March.
Anyway, here's a bit of what I was up to:

- The twelfth marked two years since my cat literally walked into my house. Despite all the time that's gone by, I still feel mystified as to how she came to live with me.

- There have been so many snow days that I've had two of my classes 4 times. The semester started in January.

- Last month marked a year since I first went to South Korea and met some of my most amazing friends. I still miss Seoul and them, but I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be.

- Somehow, despite the snow, we managed to get a decent first, and second, issue out. I'm in a couple of editorial positions on my school paper, if I hadn't mentioned it before! I can't explain just how much work goes into every issue, but I can say that there is no gre…