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Green Pastures

Yesterday my family decided to go to our favourite special occasion restuarant in Austin, Green Pastures. I love the historic home it's in, and the food is always delicious. Although, I think I've always ordered to tofu and roasted veggies as my entree. It's just so tasty, I don't want to deviate. Above all, possibly my favourite part of going there is the peacocks that live on the property. Those birds seem to have run of the whole neighbourhood, too. You can see them on the neighbour's lawns when they wander off property.

June marks a lot of new starts for me, which I'm excited for. Most of May has been spent getting my feet on the ground here. Somehow, the move here has been harder than I thought. Thinking on it, I've probably had reverse culture shock. I experienced it when I returned after four months, so it should come as no surprise it happened after eight. Also, Austin feels like a much larger jump back than NJ did. Or, maybe I'm just still lea…

The Elsa of rain

I seem to be a curse whenever I come to Austin. The city experiences just the absolute worst weather when I'm here. In the winter I always manage to arrive just as the temperature dramatically drops. It also rains just about every time I come here.

Since I arrived at the start of May, it has rained most days over the past few weeks. Just this past weekend there were tornado warnings for hours throughout the various counties with several touching down. There was major flooding, including downtown Austin. It's crazy, really.

My friends and family say I brought this weather and really should not move here. I swear I am not the "Elsa of rain," I can't make it rain. That's ridiculous, but I do feel Austin and I have an unlucky relationship when it comes to weather.

Fantastically pink sparkly glasses

I've been eying these since Skunkboy announced her collaboration with Bonlook. I missed out the first time they went on sale, since my prescription doesn't include my PD. However! A couple weekends ago they were back on sale. So, I stopped by the optic center while we were at Costco.

I am in love with the colour, which is the most perfect pastel pink that's not too powdery. The vintage shape is very different from my usual frame choices, but these are meant to be my fun pair. Also, how can you complain about glitter?

I ordered a pair of prescription sunnies from Bonlook, as well. I'm really impressed with the quality of both pairs. I would definitely order from them again. They have have the cutest pink cases, which come in these lovely white boxes to protect them.

And with this, Friday is my fashion day (glasses count as an accessory, sort of...right?)

Early April cherry blossoms in 여의도 Yeouido

These photos are indeed from back in the first couple weeks of April. We somehow ended up there the week before the festival. It was a cloudy day, just like the rest of that week. Nonetheless, the blossoms were gorgeous, and the crowds weren't bad (a bonus to missing the festival, I suppose).

 At the park we noticed all of these groups of trees that were labeled "Memorial Trees." I honestly thought it was going to be something sad, or serious. I knew that the anniversary of the Sewol tragedy was coming up soon, too. I could not have been more wrong. They were all for Kpop idol groups! Each group had their own section and sign, then each tree had a tag for whose it was.

Back to the cherry blossoms
It's hard to capture how pretty it is in photos. It's gorgeous in person, strolling through what feels like a tunnel of trees in some spots.

Long or short? (Hair, that is)

I've decided. Wednesday is the day I post about beauty because there is no better mid-week pick up than, say, a new lipstick. Am I right?

Tomorrow I have my first hair appointment in almost a year. I know some women love going to get their hair done, but I dread it. Something always goes wrong, usually with my bangs. I'm particular about my hair. It's naturally very curly, and I like those curls a certain way. I am also beyond picky when it comes to my bangs.

However, I'm still torn on whether to stay with long hair or go back to short...

Tiffany and Taylor make me want to stay with long hair. Taylor for the curls. Tiffany because I love the way her see-through bangs look with long hair. My bangs are in a similar style.

I LOVED Emma Stone's hair for the Spiderman premiere. It's cute, stylish, and the perfect length. Sooyoung's new cut is super-chic, and it's put me in the just-cut-it mood.

I'll make a decision by tomorrow afternoon, at any rate.

The Armadillo from Amarillo

Leaving the school and Korea was heartbreaking in some ways. The kids were upset, I was upset, but I know we'll all be fine. I read "The Armadillo from Amarillo" with one of my classes last year. When they asked where I was going in the States, I referenced it in my response. I'm pretty sure I won't be traveling all of TX or going into space, though.

Anyway, I've been back for a week and things are just starting to feel normal. I'm picking up my new car tomorrow, which means FREEDOM. I'm also no longer waking up everyday at 4am, and recovering well from my plane-caught cold.

I miss Korea, and I think at some point I will live there again, but not right away. If I go back, I don't want to re-entering the 학원 circuit. ^^