A little about me: I am a 20-something living with my two cats, and would spend my life reading and editing, if I could. I have deep love of clothes and style that started before I could even hold up my head, and has been joined by beauty items in my adult life.

I am Canadian, and have lived in five fantastic countries that have all shaped my worldview. Growing up we lived in Ontario (Canada), New Jersey (USA), and London (UK). I graduated from an NJ uni with a degree in communication and journalism. I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea for my spring '13 semester at Konkuk University. I loved living there so much that after graduation, I moved back to South Korea to teach in Bundang.

I've since moved back to the states and now live in Austin in my first (totally mine) house. Austin went from a place that I declared I would never live to my home. Although, I admit the traffic makes me want to leave during every M-F commute. Good thing I'm more mature than to let that make my decision, eh?

A little about the blog: I suppose it's fair to say this is a lifestyle blog, but I don't really like the term that much. I would say its the written equivalent to a daily vlog. I'm not (yet, anyway) one to film myself, but I love peeks into other people's lives. 

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  1. Wow Andie.....I did not realize that you have made an official announcement that you love Korea so much that you want to go back there.....! That sounds like a 100% confirmation that Korea is great.


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