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Currently craving: 치킨치즈 죽 chicken-cheese juk (죽이야기 - Juk Story)

Recently I find myself really craving some of my favourite Korean food. Amongst them is without a doubt the 치킨치즈 죽 chicken cheese juk from 죽이야기 Juk Story.

Read this week: too much SM Entertainment

Just a small sampling of what I read this week, seems SM Entertainment was strong on the Kpop news front this week. EXO released their '으르렁' repackage, f(x) are currently winning music shows with '첫 사랑니', and Shinee just released 'The Misconceptions of Us.' Those are usual though, these are more interesting...

Apparently, SM is planning to open a museum in Koreatown, LA. I thought buying a travel agency was out there, but this one might take the cake. Personally, I'm not interested. That type of gimmicky museum isn't my style. If anything I think just opening a store filled with the merchandise and CDs would have been cooler, like the Everysing in Apgujeong. Guess the gift shop will be worth the trip? (there should be one...)

EXO is opening a collaboration clothing store in Shinsadong 'BWCW' (Boy Who Cried Wolf). All I'll say for now is I'm curious to see what the items will look like. I'll be honest, I first saw this on tumblr and …