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Back in the States

Well, I've made it back. It's honestly strange, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet... Then again I'm still exhausted from the jetlag and a cold I caught on the plane, so I should probably give it a bit more time.

So for now I've been resting and recovering by watching "아빠 어디가?" (If you aren't watching it, you are definitely missing out... so cute and funny!) MBC has episodes on their youtube channel, if you are looking for a place to watch (no subtitles though). This show was recommended to me a number of times throughout the semester, but I didn't really watch any shows while I was there. Just didn't have the time. Now I'm completely addicted ^.^ 

Anyway, more coming soon!

A quick hello

Hello there!

Sadly, I'm in the midst of my last week here at Konkuk and it's finals week. Currently, we're at the Caffe Bene in Star City studying. I'll never forget one of the first times I came here. Ryeowook from Super Junior was here, my friends who had gone to Super Show were freaking out. I might not have been fan-girling quite so much, but it was still so exciting!

I'm not sure how to describe the way I'm feeling right now, so I won't for now. I still have plenty of photos, stories and more to share. I have a feeling they will have to wait until after I return to the States. As much as I want to just forget all my finals and not care, I actually do have to pass. If there is one MAJOR complaint I have about ISA's Seoul program, it's the end date. I literally have my last two finals on Friday and must leave Saturday morning.

This past weekend I said goodbye to my students, it was hard to realize that was the first of many very hard goodbyes. S…

Street murals in Suwon 수원 (Buksudong 북수동)

On Saturday my friends and I went to Suwon to visit the fortress and walk around the city a bit. Towards the end of our day (after dinner on the famous fried chicken street), we walked around 북수동 (Busksudong). It's a famous set of alleys covered with murals.

There were plenty of interesting and/or beautiful ones and I thought would be fun to share here. Enjoy!