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Traditional architecture and Sungnyemun Gate

As is noticeable from previous photo post, I have a love for traditional Korean architecture. The above is one that didn't make the cute from Gyeongbokgung.

Knowing that, you can see why this JoongAng Daily article about the re-opened and restored Sungnyemun (or Namdaemun) Gate caught my attention. Sungnyemun lies at the center of Seoul and is over 600 years old. This past May restoration after a 2008 arson attack was completed. However, there is already signs of damage. The article goes into the pigments used in traditional architecture as well.
We found at least 100 major cases of cracks, exfoliation and discoloring on the first and second floors. Counting the smallest cases, the number was up to 1,000.

The lotus flower drawn on the rafters in red, peach and white displayed all of those symptoms. The green in the backdrop wasn’t that different, either. Parts of the color pigments on the floor were also on the verge of being peeled off, if they haven’t already. In fact, colo…

The last of the 경주 Gyeongju excursion photographs

We’ve finally reached the final installment in the photo series from ISA’s Gyeongju excursion. This is a mixed bag including The Divine Bell of King Seongdeok, Cheomseongdae Observatory, and the royal tomb of King Naemul (Silla).

Previous Gyeongju posts: Part 1 - Seokguram Grotto 석굴암 Part 2 - Bulguksa Temple 블국사 Part 3 - Anapji Pond 안압지  Oh, and there’s also photos of pretty flowers from the area around the observatory and tomb. For those, I’ll be posting personal stories from the trip.

Read this week

This week was busy, busy for me. Do you ever wonder if professors meet and plan to have major assignments all due the same week? I don't think they do, but this week it felt like they might. I guess it is that midway point in the semester, so I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, here's a snip-it of what I read this week. (I feel like I should mention I read a variety of news, but it would be impossible to share everything. So, I just pick a couple that can relate to the blog ^^)
Before that: K.Will is back! Am I the only one who wishes he could star in at least one of his MVs?

The NYTimes has one up about the some of the quirky aspects to Korea's internet. This includes Google's troubles, particularly with maps. If you've been to Korea, you know that Google Maps is pretty much useless.

Speaking of the Times, they posted a discussion yesterday on the necessity of studying abroad for American students. It's interesting to see the other side of the argument. Bu…

Super Junior Yesung's Mouse Rabbit cafe

Café culture is part of what I most miss about Seoul. I loved the selection of chain and independent cafés around Konkuk. My friends and I would often go to one to study.
It didn’t take long for us to learn that Super Junior member Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit was located in the Kondae area. It quickly became one of our favourites. It’s spacious, generally quiet and the staff is kind. The prices are about the same as everywhere. His mother, by the way, is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She always went out of her way to help us find a spot to sit or say hello. I know we met his brother too, but I don’t remember anything about him...except that he looks a bit like Yesung.

I love the design of this place, it has a vintage, almost storybook-like quality to it. There's a screen on the upstairs floor that always plays silent Charlie Chaplin films and the music they play is at a good volume and usually pretty relaxing. The basement area requires you to take off your shoes, so you can s…

경주 Gyeongju Excursion: 안압지 (Anapji Pond)

The final stop on our Gyeongju excursion was to Anapji Pond. I admit I’m jumping a bit here; there were a few stops in between Bulguksa and Anapji. However, I’m going to lump them together in the final and fourth post from this trip.
Anapji was quite possibly my favourite stop on this excursion. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. Unlike Seokguram and Bulguksa, it wasn’t at all crowded. And, as our last stop, we were able to wander more leisurely.