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Secrets of a tea expert...

As I mentioned last week, I do have quite a love of tea. Going along with that is the fun of going out for afternoon tea. I've been to a few including a couple of nice ones I would love to feature on this blog located here in NJ.

So, it will come as no surprise that while going through my morning routine of flipping through tons of blog posts this one, Secrets of a Hotel Tea Master, on the Huffington Post's travel blog caught my attention.

The article interviews Robert Rex-Waller, a tea expert from the Park Hyatt in Washington DC. The article even includes a Chai Tea recipe, which I might try making if I'm feeling experimental in the kitchen one day. Either way, the Tea Cellar is now on my list of places to visit when I finally get a chance to go down to DC. Partially, because I find him quite fascinating.
Rex-Waller’s love for tea started at an early age while growing up in Central Africa, where he was raised on full leaf English tea. But when Rex-Waller studied the C…

Choosing a suitcase

If there is one thing every traveler needs it’s a suitcase and I am not sure I can take one more trip with mine. I have two definite trips coming up in the near future, one to Austin, TX for the holidays and, of course, studying abroad next semester. With this weekend being one of “amazing sales and deals” here in the States, I am feeling the pressure to make a decision quickly.

My suitcase is actually not about to fall apart; at this point I am convinced it is indestructible. The issue is, it’s a bit embarrassing.I bought the set when I was around 12 years old, so about 10 years ago now. At the time I loved it, but as an adult I’m not so sure. Part of me thinks the Hawaiian print is incredibly tacky and part of me thinks it’s kind of cute.

I don't think I've gone anywhere in the past couple of years without at least one person commenting on it. It is popular with little girls and amusing to just about everyone else. So, it is a great conversation starter, whether I want to talk…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the States its Thanksgiving Day and I'll be spending the day cooking with friends. Every year I look forward to cooking, the Macy's parade and the Purina dog show. As I type this I am actually watching the Broadway performances that start the parade. I think I have to see Cinderella when it hits the stage.

Check out this fun slideshow of the Parade through the years from Conde Nast Traveler.

If you love tea...

Check out today's article from The Korean Herald titled "Drinking tea as a way of life"

Personally, I am a bit tea-obsessed. I can't start my day without a cup of Earl Grey (with a bit of milk and sugar) and love ending it with an herbal one. In between I am known to sip on any flavour of tea. White, green, black, etc. I love them all. In fact two of my favourite purchases from my summer trip to Paris are teas. A chocolate-flavoured one and a strawberry green tea, yum! <3

I really want to taste this one:
For a new twist to the traditional winter hot cocoa, there’s a drink that blends rooibos tea leaves with boiling water, milk foam and chocolate powder, topped off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

5 Questions I am asked about studying abroad in Seoul

There are a few questions I recently noticed I hear a lot since applying and getting accepted to study abroad in Seoul next semester. By now I can give an automatic response to all 5, which can make me feel like a robot.

Question #1: “Why would you go there?” Why wouldn’t I? To be honest, I have a LONG list of places I want to go, but South Korea came out as number one when I was looking at where I wanted to study abroad for a couple of reasons.
My interest in South Korea developed partially from a modern Asian history class I took a few years ago (back when I was a history major). The history, culture and language were interesting to me and the book we read, “Still Life with Rice” by Helie Lee, left a strong impression on me. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do.
I started studying Korean around a year ago now and my goal is to become fluent. I am a believer that the best way to do so (for any language) is to immerse yourself.

10 Random Questions to Get to Know Me

What's your major?
I am a journalism and communication major, but I used to be a history and education major.I fell in love with journalism and decided to switch. I can still see myself teaching in the future as I still love it. As for history, I will ALWAYS be a history geek :)

Most played song on your iPod? According to my iTunes it’s ‘Be My Baby’ by the Wonder Girls. 
Whats the next planned event you're looking to in your life? Studying abroad at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea next semester!