Early April cherry blossoms in 여의도 Yeouido

These photos are indeed from back in the first couple weeks of April. We somehow ended up there the week before the festival. It was a cloudy day, just like the rest of that week. Nonetheless, the blossoms were gorgeous, and the crowds weren't bad (a bonus to missing the festival, I suppose).

 At the park we noticed all of these groups of trees that were labeled "Memorial Trees." I honestly thought it was going to be something sad, or serious. I knew that the anniversary of the Sewol tragedy was coming up soon, too. I could not have been more wrong. They were all for Kpop idol groups! Each group had their own section and sign, then each tree had a tag for whose it was.

SNSD Seohyun's tree
I do remember, based on the colour, that this was a TVXQ tree. So, it's either Yunho's or Changmin's tree.
View across the river from the memorial trees' area
Back to the cherry blossoms

It's hard to capture how pretty it is in photos. It's gorgeous in person, strolling through what feels like a tunnel of trees in some spots.


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