Long or short? (Hair, that is)

I've decided. Wednesday is the day I post about beauty because there is no better mid-week pick up than, say, a new lipstick. Am I right?

Tomorrow I have my first hair appointment in almost a year. I know some women love going to get their hair done, but I dread it. Something always goes wrong, usually with my bangs. I'm particular about my hair. It's naturally very curly, and I like those curls a certain way. I am also beyond picky when it comes to my bangs.

However, I'm still torn on whether to stay with long hair or go back to short...

Tiffany and Taylor make me want to stay with long hair. Taylor for the curls. Tiffany because I love the way her see-through bangs look with long hair. My bangs are in a similar style.

I LOVED Emma Stone's hair for the Spiderman premiere. It's cute, stylish, and the perfect length. Sooyoung's new cut is super-chic, and it's put me in the just-cut-it mood.

I'll make a decision by tomorrow afternoon, at any rate.


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