Fantastically pink sparkly glasses

I've been eying these since Skunkboy announced her collaboration with Bonlook. I missed out the first time they went on sale, since my prescription doesn't include my PD. However! A couple weekends ago they were back on sale. So, I stopped by the optic center while we were at Costco.

Skunkboy in "Posey Pink"
I am in love with the colour, which is the most perfect pastel pink that's not too powdery. The vintage shape is very different from my usual frame choices, but these are meant to be my fun pair. Also, how can you complain about glitter?

I ordered a pair of prescription sunnies from Bonlook, as well. I'm really impressed with the quality of both pairs. I would definitely order from them again. They have have the cutest pink cases, which come in these lovely white boxes to protect them.

And with this, Friday is my fashion day (glasses count as an accessory, sort of...right?)


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