Green Pastures

Most of the peacocks were up in the trees
Yesterday my family decided to go to our favourite special occasion restuarant in Austin, Green Pastures. I love the historic home it's in, and the food is always delicious. Although, I think I've always ordered to tofu and roasted veggies as my entree. It's just so tasty, I don't want to deviate. Above all, possibly my favourite part of going there is the peacocks that live on the property. Those birds seem to have run of the whole neighbourhood, too. You can see them on the neighbour's lawns when they wander off property.

June marks a lot of new starts for me, which I'm excited for. Most of May has been spent getting my feet on the ground here. Somehow, the move here has been harder than I thought. Thinking on it, I've probably had reverse culture shock. I experienced it when I returned after four months, so it should come as no surprise it happened after eight. Also, Austin feels like a much larger jump back than NJ did. Or, maybe I'm just still learning the lay of things here. I'm sure it will keep getting better.

It seems like the endless days of rain are finally going to end. Austin's had some terrible weather that's caused a lot of damage.


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