Christmas daytrip in NYC

Tree at Rockefeller Plaza
As I mentioned yesterday, I went into NYC on Sunday for some Christmas-related fun. I forgot how completely packed it is this time of year. I haven’t been in years, and now I think I remember why. With the freakishly warm weather, it was a pretty good day to walk around! I snapped a few photos here and there of some Christmas-related decorations I saw. Normally these photo posts are of my time in Korea, but I wasn't there at Christmas and, since this post is going up Christmas day, I thought these more befitting.

Radio City (from across the street), I did see the Christmas Spectacular when I was around 13. I remember loving it, but I tend to love live shows. It used to mean a daytrip with my Mum. We’d get lunch, walk around, and see a show. 

Pretty lights at the corner of Sixth and (I believe) 49th. 

Giant ornaments on the fountain, and Radio City in the background. I used to sometimes eat lunch at this fountain back when I had my internship at Woman’s Day. The intern office actually looked over Radio City, from the 42nd floor. So whenever I’m in this area, I remember the view from up there ^^ 

There were trees and giant nutcrackers in front of the UBS building, which people were posing for photos with. I loved the trees over the doors...

I don’t remember where this was; just thought it was pretty. Somewhere along Sixth… ^^;

This snowflake hangs across the intersection in front of Bergdorf Goodman, isn’t it cool? 

Epic glitter-dragon on the jewelry store across from Bergdorf. I can’t remember the name of the store, but seriously how amazing is he? He’s even more gorgeous in person. He was my favourite of the day.

I walked back towards Rockefeller Plaza from Fifth, because you have to see the tree and skating rink at Christmas. It wasn’t as amazing as I remember, but I have to admit the smell of the tree that fills the area near it is amazing.

Goodness though, it was crowded and hard to take a photo. Or move. I’m not claustrophobic, but even I felt a bit panicked by it. 

After visiting the tree, I decided to walk back to Penn (and Macy’s). Can you see the Flatiron building in the distance? 

Macy’s, much like the tree, is one of those go-to places at Christmastime. The window display was cute, not amazing, but definitely cute. 

Inside, the first floor is decked out for Christmas, but as you go up there’s less Christmas. I ended up going all the way to the ninth floor just because. As you go up the escalators turn into old wooden ones, which is pretty cool. I couldn’t walk away empty-handed after braving the Macy’s rush. So, I bought myself a cute little necklace. 

And back to Penn to catch the train home, I cut a ton of people by going through the entrance underneath Madison Square Garden. For some reason most people don’t seem to use it, which is convenient for me ^_~ 

Where’s your favourite place to go at Christmas?
"See" you tomorrow!


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