Looking back at 2013

Last year I did a quick round up of some exciting moments from 2012, and reading them now is quite fun. So, here are five from this year. ^^

Just like last year, a sunset shot. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera to TX this year.

1. I finally studied abroad in Seoul! And it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much during the months I was there, tried new foods, new experiences and met amazing friends, whom I still miss tons. 

2. Academically, the semesters of this year were opposites. In the spring, I waffled through the easiest one of my college career. In the fall, I had my hardest, with six challenging courses that kept me extremely busy. However, my confidence in my work expanded a great deal this fall, which is why this is here.

3. I won an award for feature writing from the New Jersey Press Association for two of my articles. I didn’t even know I was entered in the contest until my professor emailed me to say I’d won. Very exciting! 

4. I was also the features editor for my campus newspaper this fall. It was my first time in such a position, and I have to say, it was really awesome. I am pickier than I thought. 

5. I celebrated by birthday in Korea, and I spent the entire year confused about my age. In Korea, you are a year older than the age you turn here in the States. So, I keep thinking of myself as my Korean age. It should even out when I turn that age, in April, here. 

What was a big moment for you in 2013? 
“See” you tomorrow!


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