Handbag confidential 02: Louis Vuitton

Welcome to the second handbag confidential post, click to read the first.

For years now I've admired Louis Vuitton bags. To me, they are a timeless classic and can't go out of style. Although, I'm not a fan of the Damier Azur. I now own both of the styles I had always wished for, and in the patterns I wanted most. Both are special to me and have happy memories attached. Today I am going to focus on the first one I got, my Damier Speedy 25, which I bought in 2012. We've been on a few exciting journeys since then.

I bought this bag while on vacation in Paris with my brother. In the months leading up to the trip I saved, and saved because the cost was (is?) significantly less there. Unfortunately, I was a bit short when we left. I was disappointed, but what can you do? I still had an exciting trip to look forward to!

Then, on one of our last days, my dad called and said he'd help out with the remaining amount. I feel I should mention, this trip came around the time of a lot of big changes in our family, and just after some tragedies.

The next day, my brother and I walked to Champs-Élysées to poke around and go to the Louis Vuitton flagship store. I still remember how nervously excited I was to go. The store is huge, which intimidated me. It's gorgeous and feels a bit like a mini LV museum. Everything went smoothly, though, and I left with my bag. I was in a happy little bubble, floating back to the hotel.

Since then, it has become a staple among my bags, and has come with me to Korea both times, as well as several vacations, outside of its everyday use. I've added a Gucci charm from my dad (who received it as a gift from Gucci at his last job), and always think of that day and that trip when I use it.


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