Konkuk University, KU:L House dorms

I left the last post with a photo of the forest path that leads to the dorms, so here I'm going to pick up the tour with the dorms! Living in the dorms at Kondae is a bit different than living in dorms in the States. The rules are definitely stricter than my own school's (although the commonality is no alcohol!). Here's a few:
  1. Boys and girls are kept secret and cannot enter each other's halls 
  2. No guests! 
  3. You have to scan your card to get in and out of the building. 
  4. Somewhat enforced curfew (which I broke a couple times) 
  5. Point system - you get points when you break a rule. I only remember that breaking curfew was two. If you are only staying for one semester, these don't affect you. So you can kinda collect as many as you wish. If you are going back, these can get you kicked out of the dorm in the next semester.
The dorm area, when the weather's nice there is always people sitting outside or wandering about.
The dorm cafeteria, open for breakfast/dinner everyday, and lunch on weekends. It has hours, so watch out!
There's usually two options, but sometimes one. The food is in a display case and signs tell you what it is (in Korean ONLY). It's usually pretty bad, but sometimes it will be okay, other times it will be disgusting.
The inside, it's buffet style (serve yourself). You have to scan your dorm card to get in.
A good meal with kimchi, spicy pork and tofu. The rice is the only thing guaranteed to be good, so take lots. In the beginning, I would say use caution with everything, but the rice.
Dream Hall~ where I lived! It also has a convenience store, a hair salon, a cafe, a Korean restaurant and a bakery. There's more in there for everyone. These restaurants will save you when the cafeteria tries to kill.
Every floor has a fridge room. Your fridge and shelf are marked. There is also a water dispenser with hot and cold.
More of the inside. On days it rains the halls will be filled with open umbrellas drying off. I don't know why, I just always really liked that. The other is my room, I was the last room at the end of one the halls. For reference I was in the part of the building above the cafe, but facing the other way. The photo on the right was taken my last morning, before I left for the airport.
The view~ I was on the seventh floor. I used to people-watch when I was bored.
I will always love this view, and I miss it now.
That's it for today. I leave at the steepest hill ever and will pick up on the other side of it into the general area.
The next post or two will be of the surrounding area, which is one of the best parts of living on campus. Kondae is in a pretty great area with lots of food options and things to do. It's also on a main subway line, which makes it easy to travel to other parts of Seoul.


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