Around Konkuk (건대입구)

I previously shared photos of Konkuk's campus and the KU:L House dorms, and today I have the final post of photos from Kondae. These are just a few of the general area around the school and places we used to go all the time.

Leaving the dorms you have two options, this is sort of the "back roads" way.
My friend and I joked we were stalking those girls, and I had a camera. So yes, I felt a bit like a creep.
Delivery dudes don't give a s***t about pedestrians, road rules.
Entrance to campus. By the way, I know the guy in the picture. He was a running joke for us, because I was told he was a "free man." I never remembered his name, but he would greet me around campus, and I would just think, "it's the free man."
Walking past the hospital to the metro station.
Lotte Department Store, across the street from Kondae.
Star City- the movie theatre is in here, emart, several restaurants, cafes and shops. I doubt a week went by that we didn't go here.
These sculptures are outside of Star City
Konkuk University Station (건대입구). It's on Line 2 and Line 7.
This is the street if you were to turn right in the previous picture. There's tons of shops and restaurants around here. There's also a number of street food stalls.
ARTBOX is awesome for cute stationary or cute things in general.
I've jumped here. This is out the back gate of the school. Eat Your Kimchi once did a video on Isaac Toast in Hongdae. It's cheap and delicious, not healthy, but soooo good.
This is one of my favourites of the photos I've taken. I think it just captures the area so well. There were two restaurants we were regulars at on this street. I still miss my usuals at both.
It's funny going through these photos now, it's a weird mixture of happy and sad nostalgia. I can't believe it will soon be a month since I arrived there and met everyone. Time really does go by fast, eh? 


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