Konkuk University campus

The library and statue of the founder
My last day at Konkuk I decided I had to take pictures of the campus, and some of the surrounding area. So my friend and I walked around all of campus, to the subway station, up the middle gate and past Star City across the street. These are just some, and this isn't the entire campus. I have a couple more posts that will go up over the next few weeks. By the way, these were taken mostly while walking around the lake. I started at the bottom of the hill up to the dorms and went straight/left.

In front of the dorms, across from the lake
L-R: The founder's grave, KU:L House (dorms), International House (ISA office is there!) and the island, from across the lake.
Academic buildings and the student center
Student center
The museum on campus (I actually never went in...)
People are always in this area, usually feeding or taking pictures of the ducks. You tend to see more people than students sitting here.
The student center, I spent a lot of time with the ECC (English Conversation Club) in this building! The room was on the third(?) floor. The bank is in here, along with a couple shops and places to eat, too!
This is kinda embarrassing, but another student and I were chased across this bridge by one of the evil ducks. It was one of those awkward moments where neither knows what to say. I mean, we were running from a duck.
You can see the vet hospital, Star City and the hospital in this one. By the way those tall towers are part of Star City, and apparently Super Junior lives in one. We did see Ryeowook in a cafe at Star City once, so...
Bonus: the hospital, I went a couple times for friends and once for myself. It's an experience...
I will end here with the forest trail that leads to the dorms. I'll post the next set of Kondae photos next week.
I think it's interesting that we always overlook the place we call 'home'. While I was in Seoul, Kondae was definitely home to me. I would take photos whenever I went out, but it wasn't until the last week I realized I had none of 'home'. So, the campus looks dramatically different in these than when I first arrived in February (the lake was still partially frozen the first week!)
I wonder if the fact I'm graduating will inspire me to take photos of KU, I doubt it. Maybe a couple of it looking pretty in spring.
"See" you soon!


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