More photos from Suwon 수원

Ages ago (also known as June 2013) I shared photos of street murals in Suwon. That day was probably my favourite out-of-Seoul trip, so much so that I have even given serious thought of it as a potential place for priority in applying to teach. 

These photos were mostly taken at night and include ones of the traditional-style market we toured around late in the day.

This place was in the same area as the murals, I though it was interesting. Especially the metal sculpture. 

Flowering trees are my absolute favourite type of tree and flower. I can't wait until spring, when NJ and KU campus are beautiful when the trees bloom.

The rainbow lights amused us greatly, because they change colours. I’m one of those people that love things like this. I also liked that the city has this area to walk, it’s very similar to Cheonggyecheon. (Probably inspired by just that?) I just really like walking though. I even intentionally park far at school or stores. 

Entrance to the market! 

As you can see, there were quite a few people eating, shopping and wandering. The couple on the right was with us! I am still very thankful that they chose to spend their day showing us around. 

Pretty plants at one shop. This guy (might be the owner) stepped in at such an awkward moment, eh? It’s not a flattering shot, I’m sorry. 

Two of my friends are definitely in this one. 

Couple more food stores… 

This shot has double purpose. The first was to get a shot of the people selling produce. The second was the lady closest; just look at all the patterns. That is style right there. 

For the last part of the evening we went back to the fortress to walk the wall a bit and take in the nighttime view. This is one of the gates of Hwaseong Fortress.

I don’t have anything to say about this particular photo, but I can’t think where else to put this story. Two of my friends that went are EXO fans too, and this was a couple days after “Wolf” was release and we kept singing it the entire day. At night, we actually walked by a high school that was playing “Mama” (EXO-K). I can’t remember for them, but that was the first time I had heard an EXO song just on the streets. The level of excitement, especially from them, still makes me smile! 
(If you guys see this~ 아 사랑해요!)

The fortress wall is even prettier to walk along at night. I do have day photos and will post them here; I was just in a nighttime…mood? 

Thought this was pretty, and the family is cute too. 

One last look over the city, from the above spot, before we left to go back to Seoul. I was MIA for a bit while I completed an intensive grammar teaching-course-thing. I’m glad to have finished it in good time with decent results! 

Suwon is really close to Seoul, so be sure to go! 
Also, there’s an area famous for fried chicken, we ate at one place, and it was really good! So, if you are a “chicken-mania” this could be a great stop :) 
“See” you soon!


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