Street murals in Suwon 수원 (Buksudong 북수동)

On Saturday my friends and I went to Suwon to visit the fortress and walk around the city a bit. Towards the end of our day (after dinner on the famous fried chicken street), we walked around 북수동 (Busksudong). It's a famous set of alleys covered with murals.

There were plenty of interesting and/or beautiful ones and I thought would be fun to share here. Enjoy!

The little white guy on the far left has the word "soul" next to him.

My friend and I described these ones differently, I was all "look flying children," she described them as "dead children." Take your pick.

These flowers were so beautiful, I loved the colours of them.

This one was of a restaurant, there is more to it. We actually took a photo with the other part where we pretended we were customers at the restaurant.

Most adorable little coffee shop! If only it had been open, I would have ordered a cup of tea for sure! ^_^

This one actually kind of terrifies me, but I like the little kitty at the bottom.

I LOVE this one! It's so, so cute <3 
The little black cat reminds me of my kitty, Jiji.

This door makes me think an entrance to a secret garden or something.

Cute potted plants.

This giant fish was on the side of an inn. I like his face, it's so sad that it makes him cute despite his size.

 Do you like street murals?
Be sure to check out 북수동 in 수원!


  1. oh ! cute murals
    i live in suwon so i wanna go to see these


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