Super Junior Yesung's Mouse Rabbit cafe

Café culture is part of what I most miss about Seoul. I loved the selection of chain and independent cafés around Konkuk. My friends and I would often go to one to study. 

It didn’t take long for us to learn that Super Junior member Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit was located in the Kondae area. It quickly became one of our favourites. It’s spacious, generally quiet and the staff is kind. The prices are about the same as everywhere. His mother, by the way, is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She always went out of her way to help us find a spot to sit or say hello. I know we met his brother too, but I don’t remember anything about him...except that he looks a bit like Yesung.

I love the design of this place, it has a vintage, almost storybook-like quality to it. There's a screen on the upstairs floor that always plays silent Charlie Chaplin films and the music they play is at a good volume and usually pretty relaxing. The basement area requires you to take off your shoes, so you can sit on the floor. It's just as pretty down there as it is upstairs.

Since we arrived in Korea before Yesung’s enlistment, we quickly learned that you shouldn’t go on a weekend night. He tended to go during those times and the place would be overfilled with fangirls and their cameras. We experienced it once and, after looking to see if it was Yesung behind the counter (it was!), dashed off.

You can see what I ordered there the first time in this post. I recommend the 녹차라때 (green tea latte) or the 유자차 (citron tea)! Also the cakes are really good, we used to order a piece to share.
To get to Mouse Rabbit from Konkuk Station (Line 2):
  1. After exiting, go left
  2. Keep walking until you see a Samsung Mobile store.
  3. Turn left down the narrow street next to it
  4. Walk a bit and it will be on your right.


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