Random sweet treats from cafes in Seoul

Coffee the Sol
If you have a sweet tooth and come to Korea, you must go to cafes. I've been told by my friends that even the coffee here is sweeter than back in the US. I can't say for sure since I don't drink coffee. The fact that milk tea is available is enough to make me happy. I've also developed a new love of green or black tea lattes. Also many cafes offer some delicious cakes. My friends and I typically order a slice to share. They give you enough forks to do so ^. ~

Cafes are excellent places to sit and chat with friends or go to study at. We go to one almost everyday for something sweet, or a study session, or just to relax for a while.

I'm going to do more cafe posts after midterms end that will include photos of the cafes themselves, but for now here's some cute food shots. All of the cafes these are from are within walking distance of 건대 ^^

What we ordered at Coffee the Sol. My friends got coffees of some sort, while I had my favourite
green tea latte. The cake was a mix of chocolate and cheesecake, so yummy!
Be warned though this cafe is EXPENSIVE. I actually do not intend to go back...that latte was 6000.

Mystery fruit cake from Paris Baguette. It was pretty tasty. I think one of the fruits was peach.
I actually had a milk tea to go with <3

Green tea latte again heheh. We shared a slice of cheesecake this time. Cheese cake is different from at home, but still tastes good. This is from Coffee Lagoon, one of our favourite cafes near campus.

Strawberry milk bun and Earl Grey tea at Tous les Jours. It was like a bun with strawberry yogurt in the middle. I picked it because it was a cute shade of pink. The next time I tried the milk bun. Both are tasty ^^

Green tea latte is usually written 녹차 라떼 it was one of the first food related things I memorized.
Anyway, this one was from Mouse Rabbit. My friends and I still go here all the time to study. It's super cute and pretty spacious. As an added bonus it's just across the street from campus.

What is your favourite hot drink?
녹차 라떼? ^. ~ 


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