Cupcakes! Crumbs Bake Shop

Normally my friends and I go to Sugar Mommy for our cupcake fix, but we decided to be a bit more adventurous this week and travel out to Westfield NJ to visit the Crumbs location there.

 Crumbs Bake Shop is a popular chain of cupcake shops in the United States, with the majority on the East Coast. According to their website they first opened in Manhattan in 2003 and have expanded since.
Keep reading for giant, but cute, cupcakes!

The cupcakes are huge, I was actually only able to eat 1/2 at a time. They offer a variety of flavours, some of which change daily or weekly. The cupcakes are priced at $3.95 each. It seems that in addition to going to one of their locations you can also order them online to be delivered. My initial reaction was that $3.50 seemed pricey, but given the size it isn't so unreasonable. One is really big enough to be 2.

Although I couldn't get any photos of the interior, it was quite bland. Lots of white and dark brown. There was very little in the way of decor. Westfield is adorable though with tons of shops and restaurants downtown, I'll have to trek out there on a warmer day for a shopping trip.

I had the Red Velvet, while my friends had the Chocolate Caramel Pretzel and the Coffee Toffee. I liked that the icing wasn't a really thick layer, but at the same time felt given the size of the cake a little bit more would have been nice. The cake was great in texture, not at all dry or crumbly. However, I found the cream cheese icing too sugary. All four of us felt that the cupcakes were a bit to sugary. They had a bit of that artificial flavouring in the icing.

The overall consensus was that they were ok, but we won't be rushing to go back. I'm starting to wonder if watching all those episodes of Cupcake Wars has turned me into a bit of a cupcake snob. I kid, it hasn't :) I can't wait to go cupcake "hunting" in Seoul.

Photo credit: Crumbs website
To see their locations and hours check out their website here.
Westfield NJ location:
130 East Broad St
Westfield NJ 07090

Have you ever been to a Crumbs Bake Shop? What flavor did you choose?
If not, which would you choose?


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