Lunch at Sugar Mommy Cupcakes in Denville, NJ

If you go back to my 10 Random Questions post, you’ll see that I listed cupcakes as my favourite food. In that post I mentioned that I hoped to do a post on my favourite cupcake place Sugar Mommy Cupcakes. Well, this is that post!
With the start of the year Sugar Mommy has expanded to add café food available for lunch. My friends and I decided to go today for the first time and lunch was equally as good as the cupcakes. I later saw on Facebook that Sugar Mommy had a record breaking lunch, so congratulations to them! 
Read more for delicious cupcakes, cute decor and yummy lunch! <3

Look how cute the interior is! The hot pink walls are fun and cheery even on a cloudy winter-in-NJ day (like the day we went). We got there a bit early, so it was just at first. I’ve been told they are getting larger tables soon, but you can easily pull together a couple or reserve the larger table off to the side if your group is larger.

I love all the cupcake themed décor on the walls, especially the “Eat a cupcake then eat another,” sign. I still remember their old location, which was up a flight of stairs, and not quite as pretty as their current spot on the main street.

Sugar Mommy Cupcakes began in 2009 by owner Lori Levenson. According to their website she first began when baking cupcakes for her kids’ parties. She later appeared on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, claiming 2nd place on the 2011 Comic-Con episode.

 The cupcakes change, so it’s difficult to choose which to get every time. Some are regulars though, like the Red Velvet and Sugar Mommy cupcake. Everything always sounds and looks tasty, so be prepared to stand and stare for a bit. Some of my past favourites have been the Lemon Chiffon, the Tiramisu and the French Toast (that’s the one in my header image btw!).

They even offer some gluten free or even vegan ones in a smaller case on the counter. You can always order those if you are getting catering.

Their price list can be found on the wall to the left of the counter. The café menu and prices can be found on their website here. Daily specials are posted on Facebook (or at least, that is where I see them…) 

Now onto what we ate <3
All three of us ordered a small of the daily soup, which was Grandma Debbie’s Matzo Ball Soup. It was so yummy! Soups and stews are a personal favourite food. With chicken and huge chunks of carrots, this soup was more than just the usual matzo ball and broth. We actually got to meet Grandma Debbie, who happened to stop by while we were having lunch.

All soups and salads come with a popover and the most amazing butter. They refer to it as their yummy butter, it has a hint of cinnamon that melted on the hot pastry is just divine.

My one friend and I each got half of a Naked Chicken Salad sandwich (basically, greens instead of bread!). It was very tasty and I loved that the dressing came one the side, I hate when my salads are drenched in it. I found that with the chicken salad I didn’t even need the dressing.

My other friend ordered the “Jeffery Sandwich” she said it was delicious! The menu states it comes with Turkey breast, tomato, avocado, melted cheddar, mayonnaise and creamy balsamic. She ordered it without the tomato though.

We were given mini cupcakes at the end of our meal! How cute are they? They were chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and not too sweet, just perfect.

Naturally you cannot go and not take home a cupcake for later ;) I decided to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie. It was so good with a vanilla cake chocolate chip cookie icing and a bit of cookie in the center and on top.

Sugar Mommy Cupcakes address is:
31 Broadway 
Denville, NJ 07834 
For more info and hours visit Sugar Mommy’s…

Hehe... I'm going to miss this place while I'm in Seoul. Not that I won't be looking to try cupcake shops while I'm there (I will, but will they be as good?). Anyway, Look out for more posts on cafes, restaurants, etc. because part of the fun of traveling is eating!

What is your favourite flavour of cupcake?


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