Secrets of a tea expert...

As I mentioned last week, I do have quite a love of tea. Going along with that is the fun of going out for afternoon tea. I've been to a few including a couple of nice ones I would love to feature on this blog located here in NJ.

So, it will come as no surprise that while going through my morning routine of flipping through tons of blog posts this one, Secrets of a Hotel Tea Master, on the Huffington Post's travel blog caught my attention.

The article interviews Robert Rex-Waller, a tea expert from the Park Hyatt in Washington DC. The article even includes a Chai Tea recipe, which I might try making if I'm feeling experimental in the kitchen one day. Either way, the Tea Cellar is now on my list of places to visit when I finally get a chance to go down to DC. Partially, because I find him quite fascinating.
Rex-Waller’s love for tea started at an early age while growing up in Central Africa, where he was raised on full leaf English tea. But when Rex-Waller studied the Chinese language in college, a new world of teas opened up for him. “I traveled to China and Japan in college. I haven’t made it to India, Sri Lanka, or Tibet yet, but I would love to,” he said. After his Chinese studies kindled his interest in tea, Rex-Waller enrolled in classes at the Specialty Tea Institute of America. And there, a tea expert was born. 

I don't think I realized there was a Specialty Tea Institute of America...they actually have a pretty cool website with lots of tea facts and info too.


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