Choosing a suitcase

If there is one thing every traveler needs it’s a suitcase and I am not sure I can take one more trip with mine. I have two definite trips coming up in the near future, one to Austin, TX for the holidays and, of course, studying abroad next semester. With this weekend being one of “amazing sales and deals” here in the States, I am feeling the pressure to make a decision quickly.

Well, Miss Jiji certainly likes it.

My suitcase is actually not about to fall apart; at this point I am convinced it is indestructible. The issue is, it’s a bit embarrassing.  I bought the set when I was around 12 years old, so about 10 years ago now. At the time I loved it, but as an adult I’m not so sure. Part of me thinks the Hawaiian print is incredibly tacky and part of me thinks it’s kind of cute.

I don't think I've gone anywhere in the past couple of years without at least one person commenting on it. It is popular with little girls and amusing to just about everyone else. So, it is a great conversation starter, whether I want to talk or not. ;)

The positive is that it is extremely easy to spot, in 10 years I have never seen it with anyone else or had to worry about my bag getting mixed up. Now that’s no longer sold, I really don’t have to worry much.

Now looking at new suitcases, I know I want to stay with something cute and easy to spot. NO black, ever!

Here are a few I’m considering: 

Samsonite Hyperspace in Ion Pink
This is the priciest of the lot, but I love the shape and raspberry colour. The inside pattern is adorable too.

Diane Von Furstenberg Baby Hearts in Plum
I am a definitely a DVF fan and this bag is cute, I like how from afar the hearts don’t really look like hearts. More of a funky pattern instead. The brown polka-dot interior is nice too. I’m not sure how I feel about the tan trim on the bag though. 


American Tourister Colora in Orange
This is my top pick. I love the fun orange colour and I trust the brand. My current luggage is AT and is going on ten years now. The only slight downside is the inside front has one giant pocket instead of being split into two.

Nicole Miller Conversation
I’m least likely to pick this one, unless I suddenly decide to go for something tamer, but the hats and shoes are adorable.  

What does your suitcase look like or what is your ideal suitcase? 


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