The Sunday Post 03

I didn't used to make any sort of resolutions or goals for myself at the new year. However, for some reason in the past few years I always find the first few days of January a time when I think about my life and things I maybe want to change, stop altogether, or start afresh.

In 2016 I will...

...not be participating in Goodreads Reading Challenge. This became a constant competition for me last year. I felt as though I had to read more, faster, rather than just enjoy a good book for however long I felt like reading it.

...start volunteering at least bi-weekly. The combination of starting a new job and moving in the past couple months meant that I didn't volunteer at all in November and December. I always have a ton of fun with the awesome staff, volunteers, and kitties. out at least once a week, and stretch everyday. I can't believe how tight all of my muscles feel after two months of not stretching. Also, I hate working out. So, I'm hoping this will be more achievable for the time being. I can be realistic, I won't work out everyday, it's a proven fact. more. Once again the combination of moving and starting a new job in the past two months impacted the blog. I had a short period before that where I felt like I was just starting to hit a groove with blogging. I'd like to see how far I can take some of the unfinished plans from that time period.

...try to allow for more photos of myself. I am going to look back as an old woman and think I was ridiculous for never taking, or allowing others to take, photos of me. healthier! I actually was doing really well with this after coming back to the States, before moving out on my own.

...have a little pamper time each week. This could be running a bath, painting my nails, etc. 

So, that's some of my resolutions for the year, are you a resolution maker?


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