Learning to "adult"

Cutting through the Capitol grounds to get back to my car from the office
This month has become an exciting, life-changing one. I started my first full-time job in the US, and it's far closer to my career interests than my previous. It's different in so many ways from teaching in Korea, but somehow my first week has been significantly easier. Everyone has been awesome so far, and the company has a sort-of cool, Austin-chill vibe. Working downtown means a longer commute, but it's fun being there five days a week!

Speaking of Austin, it's official, I'm staying here for the foreseeable future. I am buying a house! How it all came to be is a long story, and a series of events (unfortunate for some, but fortunate for me!). It's brand new and absolutely adorable. The moment I walked in, I was in love. It's light and bright, and just has a happy feel. The cats and I move in next month. It's in area I wouldn't have considered, but the house is just so, so perfect. I'm excited to be able to shop for it and decorate. The level of excitement I feel right now is unreal. I can't think of the last time I was in such a happy, content place.
My future kitchen, what?!


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