Introducing the kittens

 I recently started volunteering in the cattery at Austin Pets Alive! (APA!). Naturally I knew it was only a matter of time before I found the perfect kitten to take home. Actually, it was my second time going there when I got my first kitten.

L: Pekoe, the boy - R: Mochi, the girl

I saw her profile online first and knew I had to meet her. She turned out to be the perfect sassy, but super sweet kitty. I adopted her that day and took her home. What I didn't know when I read her profile was that she only had one brother, whom she'd never been apart from. I did meet him too, but I was worried about getting two. So, I didn't adopt him.

She did really well when I was around, but found it hard when I wasn't in sight. After two and a half days of regretting not getting her brother, I decided to call and ask if he'd been adopted. He hadn't! He had been moved to one of APA!'s offsite catteries, though. It was a bit far, but I drove out and picked him up that afternoon.

So, now I have two incredibly sweet kitties, and it's been great. Mochi and Pekoe were so happy (and adorable) when they were reunited. It's taken a lot of stress off of me, because they play, distract, and cuddle each other. I can go out and take care of day-to-day things without a little ball of fluff getting nervous. Of course, they still love and receive plenty of pets and cuddles from me.

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(I was really upset when I found out earlier this year that my family had to give up my cat, Jiji, while I was away. I still miss her, but I know she was adopted quickly and is living in a good home now. So, that's why she isn't mentioned here...)


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