Where did February go?

I find February to be a funny month, it either feels extremely long (like last year) or extremely short (this year). I'm finding it hard to believe that it's already the second week of March.
Anyway, here's a bit of what I was up to:

Jiji, my little trouble maker
- The twelfth marked two years since my cat literally walked into my house. Despite all the time that's gone by, I still feel mystified as to how she came to live with me.

- There have been so many snow days that I've had two of my classes 4 times. The semester started in January.

- Last month marked a year since I first went to South Korea and met some of my most amazing friends. I still miss Seoul and them, but I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be.
From June of last year, Gangnam Office Station

- Somehow, despite the snow, we managed to get a decent first, and second, issue out. I'm in a couple of editorial positions on my school paper, if I hadn't mentioned it before! I can't explain just how much work goes into every issue, but I can say that there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than seeing the final results. :) There is also a satisfaction in seeing your name in print that online just doesn't match up to.

- I applied for graduation...late, but that's really the school's fault. Thanks to a foolish mistake on their part, I was running in circles getting everything ready as quickly as possible. Speaking of graduation, I just found out yesterday I will be graduating with honours. That's pretty exciting ^^

So, that's a bit of my February. I'm now enjoying a week off for spring break. I've also officially started the process to teach in Korea this fall...all I can say for now is that it is a long one.

How have you been?


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