Signs of spring, and spontaneity

Last week we experienced the first signs of spring. It always starts the same way here in NJ, you get a couple of nice days surrounded by frigid ones. However, those two or three days are all that's needed to give a little hope that we will exit the days of 20-something degree weather.

A friend and I decided that nice weather meant we should be outside. Initially we planned a trip to a local park, but it was closed. Being the determined type, we decided to drive and chat until we could come up with an alternative plan. That alternative was going out to a trail on the NJ-PA border of the Delaware River.

This was not our intention, and it showed. Neither of us was dressed to go hiking, and we were both wearing full make-up. The path was either still slick ice, or mud. So, we pretty much walked a little, sat down on a fallen tree to chat and just enjoy being outside.

If there's one thing I've learned over the past couple years, it's that spontaneity can sometimes lead to exactly what you need. Even though we didn't do much, that day was perfect and much-needed. I've been stressed lately due to graduation coming soon, starting the post-grad job search, and a tendency to take on a great deal of work. Taking a break from all of that, plus my phone and laptop, for a few hours helped me re-group and I feel a bit more ready for the next couple months. Since that's all I have left of school, two months.

What do you do when you're stressed?


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