Snowed-in cozy day

Today was actually supposed to be the first day of school, which is exciting because it's my last semester! However, it snowed and classes were cancelled. Not that I'm complaining, I love snow!  

When it's snowing, if I don't need to drive, I won't. And since I'm within walking distance of nothing, I generally stay in comfy clothes and do things that need to be done around the house.

My snow-day essentials:
1. Sweatpants, I just think these are cute 2. A loose top because I pretty much live in over-sized tops 3. Slippers 4. My favourite Earl Gray in a cute mug, because I've an obsession with mugs 5. TV show marathon - currently I'm watching Merlin s.3! 6. A good book 

Other than that, it's tea, tv and good book weather! I've been marathon-ing s3 of Merlin on Netflix, which is perfect because I can have it on in the background. I LOVE this show, I watched the first couple seasons a long time ago. Actually, I remember that I watched s1 when it was on NBC. However, until I recently got our Netflix info I had no way to easily catch up on the remaining seasons. I have to admit I love the bromance between Merlin and Arthur. Morgana's a might bit eviler this season... I also caught up on the s3 premier of Sherlock, and I just love that show. I initially watched the first season on the plane to Korea last year. It was one of the shows Korean Air offered, and I was hooked. I thought I'd watch one and stop, but no. I'm seeing a bromance theme here with the shows I've been watching. Watson and Sherlock, Merlin and Arthur. Hmm...

As far as books, I'm currently reading "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell. I read "Fangirl" earlier this month and loved it. I'm enjoying this one too, but I'm slightly worried it's going to have a somewhat sad ending. The prologue-type bit at the start certainly hints at it...

"See" you soon! 


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