Makeup Inspiration: Nam Gyuri & SPICA

I am pretty routine with my makeup, I wear variations of the same look every day, but these looks have me wanting to try something a bit different.

photos found here
Nam Gyuri 남규리 for "Sure" magazine
The look on the left is a soft and shimmery rose-hued look that is perfect for spring. I have definitely been loving all the rose gold recently (and am naturally just waiting until my local Sephora or Ulta has the Naked 3 in stock). The look on the right is pretty natural, but features a bold statement lip. It reminds me of Cheon Song Yi's (Jeon Ji Hyun) looks in 별에서 온 그대.

SPICA'S retro style for "You Don't Love Me"
Matte lips, full lashes and heavy liner. I love the retro, but modern feel of the makeup in this MV. I'm not sure how daring I am with eyeliner, because I generally don't wear it. However, I'm thinking it might be time to try again.
Check out the MV here. 


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