How to stop over thinking? Just do?

Last spring my professor likened Macbeth’s fatal flaw of ambition to my own flaw of procrastinating on everything. However, procrastination is really just a symptom of my “Macbeth” flaw – over thinking.

I wrote in an op-ed for my school paper that I am a perpetual over thinker, and it’s true. I can spend so much time just thinking over a decision. The op-ed was on studying abroad and just going. What if I had taken my usual decision time? I might have changed my own mind through over-research. Luckily, it was one of those rare moments where I acted. Now, I did have the basics down – I wanted to go to Korea, I wanted a semester (not summer) program and I was financially able. Also I applied to Uni knowing that I was going to study abroad.
I didn’t write it as a goal for the New Year, but I’m now adding this as a personal goal to work on. I don’t want my habit to prevent me from doing things I enjoy. My problem is I overthink, which leads to procrastination. Or, perhaps worse, it creates stress where there needn’t be.

Case in point, blogging. I love writing, but I spend so much time thinking about how to write a post that nothing gets written. So instead of over-thinking every aspect, I need to just write.


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