Hello 2014, let's be amazing!

This year has some guaranteed excitement ahead, but it has a lot to live up to when I look at 2013. As I said the other day, 2013 was a pretty awesome year for me. So, here are some of my 2014 plans/goals! 

Happy New Year!!!
Different type of selca this year ^_~

1. I’m graduating university in May. This is the single most thrilling and terrifying thought for me. I have been a student for so long that I’m a combination of sick of it and uncertain what it will be like without that identity. 

2. This spring I will be coeditor-in-chief of my campus newspaper! It’s something I said I wanted to become when I was intro to journalism. At the time I was half joking, but later realized it was true. So, this is extremely exciting for me! 

3. Applying to teach English in Korea. Teaching overseas is something I’ve wanted to do between undergrad and grad school for ages. It seems unreal that I now will actually be applying to do so. It’s even crazier to think that I will (hopefully!) be doing so in the second half of this year. 

4. Continuing to post here, I’ve fallen in love with writing here daily. I can’t guarantee that I will continue daily, but I will post more often. I left this blog to just sit last year while I explored, but I’ve finally found a good balance between the two. ^^ 

5. The only definite travel plans I have for this year are the usual, up to Ontario and down to Texas. However, I’m hoping to add a solo trip somewhere exciting. I haven’t decided where yet, just that I would like to go on a post-graduation trip. It was something my Mum and I had originally planned to do.

What is something you are excited for in 2014? 
“See” you tomorrow!


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