College problem: desks

Yes, today's post is a little silly. But, I was thinking about it in class today and remembered how nice having a proper desk is. I think most American college students can relate to how insanely small our college desks are. My notebook is larger than the table-space. The "desk" is, in reality, a wing on one side of the chair. Ninety percent of them are created for the right-handed too, which is a spot of bad luck for me (I'm a lefty).  
My desk in Korea had a full table attached to the bottom of the chair. I would say it's the middle school size in this chart. On either side of the desk, there were hooks to hang your bag. The bag hook was definitely a nice perk, I still feel a bit squeamish about placing my handbag on the floor.

I do have a more in-depth post coming about the differences I experienced between college here and in Seoul. I'm not sure if it will be one post or more, but I will go into actual classes, student life, etc.


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