Blogging everday in November & a photo from Jeju Glass Castle

This is the first time I’ve challenged myself in this way, but I figured it could be fun. Several of my friends are joining NaNoWriMo and I felt inspired to join them. However, fiction isn’t my forte. I love to read novels, but writing them – not so much. Instead, I’m going blog everyday this month and see how it goes. 

Since I feel this a cheat post as it is, here’s a photo from the mirror room at Jeju Glass Castle. It’s sort of a preview, since I’m going to put the first of the Jeju photo posts up next week. 

Isn’t my poncho the most stylish you’ve ever seen? It was absolutely pouring that morning, so we bought these from a local convenience store. Mine was pink. 

Well, I’m off to do more schoolwork. School’s been doing well in keeping me busy these past couple weeks.


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