Currently craving: 치킨치즈 죽 chicken-cheese juk (죽이야기 - Juk Story)

Recently I find myself really craving some of my favourite Korean food. Amongst them is without a doubt the 치킨치즈 죽 chicken cheese juk from 죽이야기 Juk Story.

To start with 죽 is rice porridge and is quite healthy in its plain state. It is also considered ideal when you are ill, but can be eaten at anytime. You can read more about rice porridge and its origins in different countries here. However, there are now restaurants specialize in all sorts of different options. My favourite is 죽이야기! They focus on using organic and natural ingredients. They even list out what the health benefits are for the different porridges. The location we went to was the Konkuk location. It's underground just outside of the line 7 station.

Some of the different options are shown in a display case outside the store. Not all of them are shown though!

Why I love the chicken cheese one: it's so tasty! I'm a huge fan of porridge, stews, and soups. To me they are the ultimate comfort food, they warm the tummy and leave you feeling great. Plain 죽 is just that - plain. And although our cafeteria offered 죽 twice a week, they all tended to be quite watery and bland. This one isn't watery it's filled with lots of cheese, shredded chicken, and small pieces of broccoli and carrot. It's a little similar to the way I make my mac n' cheese ^^

My tray: juk, kimchi, water kimchi, and a couple others that were tasty.

 It is a little pricey, but they give you a ton of 죽 and side dishes (8000~9000₩). Really two people could share one, I never managed to finish all of mine. I also enjoyed the presentation, with everything organized perfectly on a tray.

The outside of the Konkuk location!

I'm thinking I might try to recreate it at home, but I think it won't be quite as delicious ^^;
Be sure to check out there website here. They even have a few locations in the US!

Do you like Juk?
What type is your favourite?


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