A quick hello

Hello there!

Sadly, I'm in the midst of my last week here at Konkuk and it's finals week. Currently, we're at the Caffe Bene in Star City studying. I'll never forget one of the first times I came here. Ryeowook from Super Junior was here, my friends who had gone to Super Show were freaking out. I might not have been fan-girling quite so much, but it was still so exciting!

(수원) Climbing at Suwon Fortress. One of my favourite trips out of Seoul

I'm not sure how to describe the way I'm feeling right now, so I won't for now. I still have plenty of photos, stories and more to share. I have a feeling they will have to wait until after I return to the States. As much as I want to just forget all my finals and not care, I actually do have to pass. If there is one MAJOR complaint I have about ISA's Seoul program, it's the end date. I literally have my last two finals on Friday and must leave Saturday morning.

This past weekend I said goodbye to my students, it was hard to realize that was the first of many very hard goodbyes. Saying goodbye to the foreign and Korean friends I have made, saying goodbye to Konkuk, Seoul, Korea- those are hard too. In the past four months Seoul has become home to me and I cannot picture not being here in a week. I try to imagine today next week and I know I will be in NJ, but I don't remember what I do in my free time? Truthfully, I'll probably still be sleeping off the jet-lag.

This week I'm planning to go buy Henry's album with my friends at everysing in Apgujeong, take my camera around Konkuk and Gwanjingu (I never took pictures because it feels like home, you always forget to take photos of home).

Well, back to studying. Next update will be Friday afternoon (KST) or Sunday (EST). Maybe about EXO's fansign.

궁금 해요?? ^_~
Talk you to you soon!


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